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We are here to be your stormwater resource!  
Install/Maintain Sediment Control Measures

We install Erosion and Sediment Control measures on active construction sites.  This ensures that the measures are installed and maintained correctly, keeping sediment onsite and out of local waterways.  This also keeps sites in compliance with the Construction General Permit and keeps neighbors are happy. 

Stormwater Consulting

The team at Oya construction are the experts in the stormwater industry and are available for consultation during site development, project planning or post-development.  If you have stormwater issues, give us a call to see if we can be of assistance.


We also provide litigation expert testimonials for stormwater issues.  

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) Audits

Are you sure that your site is in compliance with stormwater regulation requirements?  Give us a call and we can perform an audit on your site to identify any potential deficiencies.  

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