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Are you seeking a dynamic speaker to ignite enthusiasm and knowledge-sharing at your next event? Look no further! With a diverse background in stormwater management, entrepreneurship, and championing equality in the construction industry, Nadean brings a wealth of expertise and passion to the stage.



  • Expertise in Stormwater Management: As a certified professional in stormwater management, Nadean has conducted contractor training sessions on the Virginia Construction General Permit, earning rave reviews for delivering relevant and engaging content. With a specialization in utilizing Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) technology to evaluate stormwater systems, Nadean offers valuable insights into developing Comprehensive Infrastructure Programs (CIP) for stormwater repairs.

  • Entrepreneurship Advocate: Nadean is not just a successful business owner but also a passionate advocate for entrepreneurship. Having mentored future entrepreneurs through programs like the Gauntlet, Nadean shares key strategies for success and offers inspiring glimpses into her entrepreneurial journey.

  • Diversity and Inclusion Champion: Committed to breaking barriers in the construction industry, Nadean is dedicated to creating more opportunities for diverse populations. Through compelling storytelling and actionable insights, Nadean inspires audiences to embrace diversity and foster inclusive environments within their organizations.


Fearless and Engaging Speaker

With a background that includes serving in combat zones in the military and thriving in high-pressure situations, Nadean fearlessly tackles tough topics and captivates audiences with her dynamic presence and engaging delivery. Whether discussing stormwater management strategies, sharing entrepreneurial wisdom, or advocating for equality, Nadean leaves a lasting impression and sparks meaningful conversations.

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