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Solving your 
stormwater problems

Minimizing sediment loss from jobsites and protecting stormwater across Virginia

Expert Stormwater Management for a Sustainable Future.

Quality Stormwater Solutions

Oya Construction is a radical change-maker in the stormwater field.  We are recognized as experts in the stormwater industry, working closely with your team to identify potential stormwater concerns on your project before they become problems.  We use our extensive knowledge and experience to offer services throughout the project and beyond. We believe in enhancing water quality and improving the environment through construction by bringing a common sense approach to development. 

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Stormwater Management Solutions

Stormwater runoff is the largest source of water pollution, with dirt and debris from construction sites largely contributing to this poor water quality.  Oya Construction focuses on keeping sites in compliance with regulations while keeping neighbors happy.  We also ensure that the stormwater systems that are installed are properly inspected and maintained after construction, keeping them working as designed.  

We offer expert stormwater management, improving our local waterways.

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Trade Contractor Partners

We are always looking for teaming partners for projects. We look for companies that are committed to delivering a quality product to our clients, in a safe manner, while staying compliant with regulations.  We want this to be a great experience for the entire team. 

We are looking for: surveyors, excavators, silt fence installers, general laborers, landscaping, site design and anything else you may offer.  We'd love to hear from you to learn more about your company!

Female Construction Manager surveyor


March/April 2023 Issue

Nadean Carson is no stranger to solving problems.

As a one-woman deployment to Iraq in 2004, Carson identified and fixed engineering problems at 12 Iraqi Armed Forces bases. After leaving the U.S. Air Force, she moved to Roanoke, where she shepherded a team of women athletes of all ages and skill levels as captain of the Star City Roller Girls. And for more than a decade, she worked as a manager fixing stormwater and engineering conundrums of all kinds in the construction industry.

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